Barrix Magic Sticker – Chromatic Sheet – Blue Roll


  • Attracts and traps 7 types of high risk sucking pests Black Tea Thrips, Cabbage Root Fly, Leaf Miners, Western Flower Thrips etc.
  • Recommended for all crop cultivation, protects your crops 24/7.
  • Amazing monitoring tool to identify pest attack in the initial stages and effective in controlling as well.
  • Easy to installation and use.
  • Replace Sheets once filled with pests.
  • Sun & Heat Proof.
  • Rain Water Proof.
  • Scientifically researched colour alluring technology for pest attraction.

Introducing the Barrix Magic Sticker Blue roll—an innovative and cost-effective solution designed to effectively attract and trap approximately seven types of high-risk sucking pests. This remarkable product utilizes its unique color and sticky surface to draw in pests and prevent them from causing extensive damage to crops.

With a height of 6 inches and a length of 30 feet, the Barrix Magic Sticker Blue roll provides ample coverage for farmers to protect their crops against a variety of pests. Its convenient size and user-friendly design make it easy to deploy and manage in the field.

By harnessing the power of color attraction, the Barrix Magic Sticker Blue roll entices pests such as black thrips, western flower thrips, leaf miners, cabbage root butterflies, and others known for their ability to inflict substantial damage on crops. This chemical-free approach ensures a safe and environmentally friendly method of pest control, allowing farmers to protect their harvests without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

The Barrix Magic Sticker Blue roll offers farmers a practical and reliable means to safeguard their crops. It provides a cost-effective solution that is not only effective but also easy to implement. By utilizing this innovative product, farmers can take proactive measures to mitigate the risk of pest damage, ensuring healthier and more productive crops while promoting sustainable and responsible agricultural practices.

Non Drying
Non Driping
Resistance to high Temperature
Double Sided Gumming
Attracts more flies
1"x1" grid for easy counting
Color Alluring Technology:

The color frequency of the trap has been meticulously selected based on extensive testing to ensure maximum attraction to the target pests. By utilizing a wavelength between 400nm and 500nm, which falls within the visible light spectrum, the trap is optimized to lure and entice the specific pests it targets.

Furthermore, the trap’s effectiveness extends to a considerable area, covering approximately 735 square feet. This wide coverage enables farmers and gardeners to efficiently monitor and control pest populations within a significant space, reducing the need for multiple traps and simplifying the pest management process.

Within just 15 days of exposure, the trap has demonstrated its remarkable efficiency by capturing an impressive count of 7333 insects. This rapid and substantial insect capture is a testament to the trap’s ability to attract and effectively trap a large number of pests within a relatively short period.

These findings and numbers highlight the trap’s efficacy and its potential to make a significant impact on pest control efforts. By deploying this trap, farmers and gardeners can have confidence in its ability to attract and capture a substantial number of pests, assisting in maintaining healthier plants and preserving crop yields.

For Identification1 Roll / acre
For Monotoring & Control3 Rolls / acre

For all crop cultivation.

  • Remove Barrix Chromatic Trap – Blue Roll from the polythene cover.
  • Insert a stick through slots provided at regular intervals in the roll and place them near crop foliage.
  • For short stature crops: Place the sticks in the soil such that the trap is positioned just above the canopy of the crop foliage. Adjust the trap height as the plants grow.
  • For tall crops: Fix the trap under the canopy of the tree/plant or 5 feet above the ground level, where the trap is exposed to sufficient light.
  • Row crops: Fix the trap along the crop rows in greenhouses. Ensure traps are also used nears vents and doors to stop the flies flying in from outside.
  • After installation, to remove gum from your hands, apply any cooking oil and wash with soap and water.
Creeper or vines
Short Structure Crops
Row Crop
Tall Crops
Green House
Black tea thrips
Western flower thrips
Leaf miners
Cabbage root fly
Onion Thrips
Citrus thrips
Japanese flower thrips

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Barrix Magic Sticker - Chromatic Sheet - Blue Roll

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