Barrix Magic Glue


  • Cost-Effective DIY Kit: A pocket-friendly solution for farmers, easy to install and use.
  • Attracts and Traps 27 High-Risk Sucking Pests: Including aphids, white flies, leaf miners, western flower thrips, and more.
  • 24/7 Crop Protection: Safeguard your crops day and night with this amazing monitoring tool.
  • Early Pest Attack Identification: Effectively identifies pest attacks in the initial stages for timely control measures.
  • Easy Sheet Replacement: Simply replace sheets once filled with trapped pests.
  • Sun & Heat Proof: Built to withstand sun and heat exposure for prolonged use.
  • Rainwater Proof: Designed to resist water and maintain effectiveness even in rainy conditions.
  • Scientifically Researched Color Alluring Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge color frequencies for optimal pest attraction.

Choose Barrix Magic Glue for comprehensive pest monitoring and control. Effectively attract, trap, and identify high-risk sucking pests to protect your crops and boost productivity. With its cost-effective DIY approach and advanced technology, this monitoring tool is your key to successful and sustainable crop cultivation.

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Barrix Magic Glue: The Cost-Effective Monitoring Tool for Sustainable Pest Control
Introducing the Game-Changing Monitoring Solution: Drawing in 27 High-Sucking Pests
  • Budget-Friendly and Innovative: Barrix Magic Glue acts as an effective monitoring tool, saving money for farmers.
  • Unique Colors and Sticky Surface: A do-it-yourself kit that attracts and traps 27 types of high-sucking pests.
  • Say Goodbye to Pest Woes: Shields crops from aphids, white flies, jassids, Black Tea Thrips, and more.


Smart Pest Management: Making Informed Decisions
  • An Indispensable Tool: Chromatic traps assist farmers in deciding the appropriate pesticide for trapped pests.
  • Adopting Sustainable Practices: Farmers can explore alternative solutions for controlling identified pests.
  • Preventing Abusive Pesticide Use: Barrix Magic Glue curbs excessive pesticide applications, promoting environmental health.
Secure Your Crops Today: Choose Barrix Magic Glue
  • Bid Farewell to Pest Infestations: Say goodbye to yield losses and make informed decisions for pest control.
  • Empowering Farmers, Preserving Environment: Use Barrix Magic Glue to monitor pests sustainably.
  • Elevate Your Farming: A cost-effective and efficient solution for successful harvests.

With Barrix Magic Glue, farmers gain a cost-effective monitoring tool that saves money and aids in sustainable pest control. Use this farmer-friendly product to easily identify pests and make informed decisions for preventive measures. Adopt smart pest management practices, save on unnecessary pesticide usage, and secure a fruitful harvest while preserving the environment. Choose Barrix Magic Glue and elevate your farming practices to new heights.

Non Drying

Resistance to high Temperature


Attracts more flies

1"x1" grid for easy counting

Color Alluring Technology:

Perfected Color Frequency: Irresistible Appeal to Target Pests

  • Precise Adjustments and Thorough Tests: Trap’s color frequency meticulously perfected for optimal attraction.
  • Selective Wavelength Range: Emits a captivating signal making resistance nearly impossible.

Exceptional Results: Trapping and Eliminating Pests with Mastery

  • Wide Coverage: Outstanding Performance.
  • Demonstrating Superior Ability: Highlights the trap’s exceptional effectiveness against threatening pests.
For Identification, Monotoring & Control1 kit / acre

Contains: 300ml Barrix Magic Glue with Free 40 poly covers (30 yellow + 10 blue)

Recommended Crop:

For all crop cultivation.


Leaf miners

Leaf hoppers

White flies


Shore flies

Cucumber beetles

Scale insects


Fungus gnats

Cow bugs


Pumpkin beetles

Tur plume moth


Fruit flies

Frog hoppers


Diamondback moth


Onion flies


Black tea thrips

Western flower thrips

Cabbage root fly

Onion Thrips

Japanese flower thrips