Barrix Wetter


  • Barrix Wetter is a specially blended non-ionic surfactant with humectant to achieve maximum spray coverage.
  • Promotes spray volume reduction & help farmers save money on agrochemicals.
  • Improves spray coverage.
  • Promotes rapid penetration of plant nutrients & uptake of agrochemicals.
  • Keeps sprayer clean, lubricates pumps & sprayer nozzles.

🌱 Introducing Barrix Wetter: Advanced Agricultural Science at Your Fingertips 🌱

Dive into cutting-edge agronomic solutions with Barrix Wetter, meticulously engineered for today’s progressive farmer. This is more than just a product; it’s the synthesis of research and technology, tailored for superior crop management.

🧪 Biochemical Optimization: Barrix Wetter’s unique formula amplifies the efficiency of agrochemicals and micronutrients at the molecular level, ensuring a maximized return on every application and enhancing the bioavailability of vital nutrients.

🔬 Nanotechnology for Dispersion: Leveraging nanotechnological advancements, Barrix Wetter guarantees the dissolution of even the most recalcitrant concentrates into water, resulting in a homogenous, consistent solution.

🚿 Precision Spraying: With its rheological properties, the liquid ensures a finely-tuned spray mechanism, drastically minimizing wastage due to dripping while maintaining a consistent droplet size for optimal coverage.

🍃 Enhanced Absorption & Adhesion: Incorporating surfactant properties, Barrix Wetter facilitates rapid foliar penetration, ensuring maximum uptake of micronutrients. Additionally, its adhesive properties ensure sustained contact, promoting prolonged nutrient absorption.

🛡️ Osmoprotection: Acting as an osmoprotectant, Barrix Wetter reduces the potential for leaf desiccation. The protective humectant layer serves as a barrier against excessive evapotranspiration, maintaining cellular turgor pressure.

💧 Formulation Integrity: The liquid form has been scientifically optimized for stability and ease of application, ensuring uniform delivery of its potent components.

💰 Economic Sustainability: Through its mechanism of action, Barrix Wetter can reduce the requisite quantities of agrochemicals, fostering a sustainable approach both environmentally and economically.

Step into the future of sustainable and scientifically-driven agriculture with Barrix Wetter. Experience unprecedented levels of crop protection, nutrition, and growth, underpinned by the pinnacle of agricultural science!

Benefits of Using Barrix Wetter for Farmers

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Boosts the performance of agrochemicals and micronutrients, ensuring farmers get the most out of every application.

  2. Uniform Mixtures: Achieves superior dispersion of even the most insoluble concentrates in water, resulting in consistent and effective mixtures.

  3. Reduced Wastage: Its design prevents dripping, ensuring that every drop of the mixture is utilized efficiently.

  4. Rapid Absorption: Facilitates quicker uptake of sprays by leaves, ensuring immediate action of the applied agrochemicals or nutrients.

  5. Sustained Adhesion: Its sticking properties ensure that the spray remains on leaves for a prolonged period, maximizing the period of nutrient absorption.

  6. Protection Against Desiccation: Shields the leaves from drying out, maintaining their health and vitality.

  7. Cost-Effectiveness: Its efficacy potentially reduces the required quantities of agrochemicals, saving farmers both resources and money.

  8. Ease of Use: Its liquid form is easy to mix and apply, reducing preparation time.

  9. Optimal Coverage: Ensures even coverage of the spray, maximizing the area of effect for each application.

  10. Enhanced Penetration: Helps in deeper penetration of micronutrients into the leaves, optimizing nutrient uptake.

  11. Environmentally Friendly: By optimizing the usage of agrochemicals, it potentially reduces the environmental impact of farming practices.

  12. Safeguarding Plant Health: By acting as a protective layer, it aids in preventing potential diseases and pests from adhering to the plant surface.

  13. Improved Yield: With better nutrient absorption and protection, plants are more likely to grow healthier, potentially leading to a better yield.


Mode of Action of Barrix Wetter in Enhancing Agrochemical Efficacy:

  1. Dispersion:

    • Mechanism: Barrix Wetter, with its non-ionic surfactant components, lowers the surface tension of water, enabling superior wetting of particles. This encourages insoluble substances to disperse seamlessly in the aqueous solution.
    • Impact: Micro nutrients and agrochemical active ingredients distribute uniformly, guaranteeing consistent delivery to the plants.
  2. Non-Dripping:

    • Mechanism: Barrix Wetter augments the solution’s viscosity, making it less prone to dripping.
    • Impact: This ensures that a maximum of the sprayed solution stays on the target, minimizing waste and maximizing the intended effect.
  3. Ease in Spraying:

    • Mechanism: By reducing surface tension, Barrix Wetter facilitates more efficient atomization of the solution when sprayed. This leads to finer droplets for a more even distribution.
    • Impact: Greater surface area coverage ensures a consistent application, enhancing the solution’s effectiveness.
  4. Spreading on Leaves:

    • Mechanism: Barrix Wetter promotes liquid spreading by decreasing the contact angle between the droplet and the leaf. The result is a “wetter” solution that can traverse a larger leaf surface area.
    • Impact: A more extensive portion of the plant surface gets exposed to the agrochemical, increasing its effectiveness.
  5. Sticking onto Leaves:

    • Mechanism: Barrix Wetter forms a thin film that aids the solution in adhering to the leaf’s surface.
    • Impact: Extended contact duration between the agrochemical and the leaf ensures better absorption and lessens the need for frequent applications.
  6. Penetration of Nutrients:

    • Mechanism: Barrix Wetter interacts with the leaf’s waxy cuticle, potentially creating temporary channels that facilitate enhanced nutrient and active ingredient penetration.
    • Impact: This improved penetration ensures that nutrients or agrochemicals efficiently reach plant cells, fostering healthier plants with amplified resistance to threats.

In essence, Barrix Wetter, with its specialized formulation, plays a pivotal role in maximizing the delivery of agrochemicals and absorption of micronutrients, offering farmers an edge in their agricultural endeavors.


Modified Silicon based Non-Ionic spreader


Mix 1 ml of Barrix Wetter with 1 liter of water.

Foiler Spray
Foilar Spray

Can be used with all types of agro chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant growth promoters and micronutrients


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Barrix Wetter

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