Nutriclik Singles – DOT BORON 20%

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  • Enhanced Plant Growth: Boron is a vital micronutrient that supports healthy plant growth and development.
  • Cell Wall Strengthening: Our Boron fertilizer aids in the formation of robust cell walls, increasing plant structure and rigidity.
  • Improved Reproductive Health: Boron is essential for pollen development and fertilization, leading to better fruit and seed production.
  • Enhanced Flowering: Adequate Boron levels encourage more abundant and vibrant flower formation.
  • Optimized Nutrient Uptake: Boron helps in the absorption and utilization of other essential nutrients by plants.
  • Increased Fruit Setting: Our Boron fertilizer contributes to better fruit setting, leading to higher yields.
  • Resistance to Stress: Plants with sufficient Boron are better equipped to handle environmental stressors.
  • Higher Crop Quality: The presence of Boron positively influences the quality of harvested crops.
  • Suitable for Various Crops: Our Boron fertilizer is suitable for a wide range of crops, from fruits and vegetables to grains and ornamental plants.
  • Easy Application: Application of our Boron fertilizer is convenient and can be integrated into your regular fertilization routine.
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Elevate your crop cultivation with our premium Nutriclik Singles – DOT Boron Micronutrient Fertilizer – a vital element that plays a crucial role in optimizing plant growth and development. Unlike conventional options, our DOT Boron fertilizer offers a revolutionary approach to micronutrient delivery, ensuring superior outcomes. Tailored to the unique micronutrient needs of various crops, it guarantees healthy and high-yielding harvests.

Boron is a plant’s secret to success, contributing to cell wall formation, pollen development, and overall reproductive health. Our carefully crafted Boron fertilizer provides plants with the necessary Boron levels, promoting stronger cell structure, improved flowering, and increased fruit setting.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional farmer or an avid gardener, our Nutriclik Singles – DOT Boron can significantly impact your crop’s quality and yield. From fostering robust root systems to enhancing flower production, Boron’s influence spans multiple stages of plant life. Elevate your plants’ potential with our top-quality Boron fertilizer, and witness the remarkable difference it can make in your crop cultivation journey.

Unveiling Boron’s Superior Mechanism:

The mechanism of action of Boron (B) in plants is intricate and multifaceted, playing a crucial role in various physiological and biochemical processes. Here’s a simplified explanation of how Boron functions in plants:

  • Cell Wall Formation and Strength: Boron is a key component in the cross-linking of pectic compounds in plant cell walls. It forms complexes with hydroxyl groups in cell wall components, helping to stabilize and strengthen cell walls. This is essential for maintaining plant structure and rigidity.
  • Membrane Function: Boron is involved in maintaining the integrity and function of cell membranes. It regulates the movement of ions and nutrients across cell membranes, ensuring proper cell functioning and nutrient uptake.
  • Sugar Transport: Boron is linked to the movement of sugars within plants. It influences the activity of enzymes responsible for sugar transport, ensuring the efficient distribution of sugars to various plant parts.
  • Reproduction and Pollination: Boron is critical for pollen tube formation, elongation, and fertilization. It ensures proper pollen germination and growth within the pistil, which is vital for successful fertilization and subsequent fruit and seed development.
  • Hormone Regulation: Boron has been linked to the regulation of plant hormones, particularly auxins. It influences hormone transport and distribution, impacting various growth processes, including root development and apical dominance.
  • Nitrogen Metabolism: Boron aids in nitrogen metabolism and the synthesis of certain amino acids. It affects nitrogen fixation and the conversion of nitrates into amino acids.
  • Vitamin Synthesis: Boron contributes to the synthesis of certain vitamins, such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which are crucial for various physiological processes and stress tolerance.
  • Enzyme Activation: Boron plays a role in activating certain enzymes necessary for carbohydrate metabolism, lignin formation, and other biochemical reactions.
  • Water Regulation: Boron helps regulate water movement within plants, impacting water uptake and transpiration rates.
  • Disease Resistance: Adequate Boron levels in plants enhance their ability to withstand various stresses, including diseases and pests.

Di-Sodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate as Boron 20%


Mix 1 – 1.5 ml of Nutriclik singles – DOT Boron in 1 litre of water.


Spray 2 to 3 times before or after flowering.



Foilar Spray - 250g / Acre

Drip - 500g / Acre

Soil Applicaiton - 2 kg / Acre

  • For optimal results, use along with Barrix Wetter.
    Spray within 6 hours after mixing with water.
  • Do not mix with any other agrochemicals.
  • The user assumes all risks and liabilities resulting from handling, use, or application.

Use for all Commercial Crops

Use for all Cereal crops

Can be used for all Pulses crops

For all Oil Seeds crops

For all Vegetable crops

For all Fruit crops

All Plantation & Spice Crops

For all Floricultural crops