Barrix Trapper – Trap and Lure


  • Protect Your Cotton Crops from Pink bollworm.
  • Our unique combination of Pheromones and Kairomones effectively attracts and traps these unyielding pests.
  • Endorsed by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research and part of the Atal Innovation Mission.
  • Innovative, Effective & Eco-Friendly.
  • Scientifically Designed Design Patented Product
  • Easy to installation and use.
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Barrix Trapper: Your Trusted Defense Against Pink Bollworm

Protect Your Cotton Crops with Confidence
  • Highly Effective Pest Control: Barrix Trapper is specifically designed to combat the devastating Pink bollworm, offering a cutting-edge approach to safeguard your cotton crops.
  • Overcoming Resistance: As Pink bollworms develop resistance to conventional pesticides and Bt toxins, Barrix Trapper provides an unbeatable solution for successful pest management.
Unbeatable Attraction and Trapping Power
  • Irresistible Lure: Barrix Trapper combines pheromone and kairomone to create an Synergistic lure that draws Pink bollworms to its trap.
  • Effective Trapping: Once enticed, the pests become effectively trapped, preventing further damage to your precious cotton crops.
Proven and Reliable Performance
  • Extensively Tested: Barrix Trapper’s exceptional effectiveness is validated through extensive research and testing.
  • Trusted by Farmers: With a track record of successful results, Barrix Trapper has earned the trust of farmers seeking dependable protection against Pink bollworms.
Sustainability at Its Core
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Barrix prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Reduced Reliance on Pesticides: By using Barrix Trapper, you foster a greener approach to pest control, reducing reliance on conventional pesticides.
Experience the Barrix Trapper Advantage
  • Join Satisfied Farmers: Witness the transformative impact of Barrix Trapper and become part of the league of satisfied farmers.
  • Embrace Innovation: With Barrix Trapper, you gain a powerful, sustainable, and highly effective weapon against the Pink bollworm.
  • Elevate Agricultural Success: Safeguard your cotton crops with confidence and elevate your agricultural success with Barrix Trapper.

Protect your cotton crops with confidence and ensure their well-being with Barrix Trapper. As a highly effective pest control solution against Pink bollworms, it overcomes resistance and empowers you with a reliable defense strategy. Experience the transformative impact of Barrix Trapper and embrace a greener, eco-friendly approach to pest management. Safeguard your cotton crops and elevate your agricultural success with Barrix Trapper by your side.

      Superior Features
  • Cellulose Matrix Entrapment Technology.
  • Synergised with Kairomone & Colour.
  • 20 times more powerful than ordinary lures.
  • Catches flies even at high winds & during rain.
  • 98% pure isomer specific para pheromone impregnated.
  • Long lasting performance up to 60 days.
  • Colour optimised equilateral triangle trap.
  • Non-toxic & eco-friendly.
      Technologies used:
  • Introducing Barrix Agro Sciences’ Cutting-Edge Technologies:
    Cellulose Matrix Entrapment Technology.
    Synergistic effect with kairomone.

    ☀️ Ultra Violet Rays Protection Technology: Safeguarding the trap from the degradational effects of UV rays, ensuring optimal performance and durability under the sun. helping the trap for multi seasonal use.

    🎨 Colour Alluring Technology: Harnessing the power of colors to attract and lure pests, enhancing the efficacy of our trap and maximizing pest capture rates.

  • ☔ Rain Protection Technology: Engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring continuous effectiveness even in heavy rain, preventing the degradation of pheromone by rain water.

    Experience the Future of Agriculture with Barrix Agro Sciences – Where Innovation Meets Sustainability.Cellulose Matrix Entrapment Technology.

    Synergistic effect with kairomone.

For Identification1 Trap / acre
For Monotoring & ControlJust 4 Traps / acre









The Pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella) is a highly destructive pest that causes significant harm to cotton crops. The consequences of Pink bollworm infestations are widespread and have several detrimental effects on cotton farming:

  • Yield Losses: The Pink bollworm larvae feed on cotton bolls, resulting in damage to developing seeds and lint. As a consequence, cotton yields are reduced, leading to substantial financial losses for cotton farmers.

  • Quality Degradation: Infestations by Pink bollworms can lead to lint contamination and reduced fiber quality, negatively impacting the market value of the cotton produced.

  • Crop Boll Drop: Severe infestations of Pink bollworms cause premature boll drop, wherein the affected bolls detach from the plant before maturing. This exacerbates yield losses even further.
  • Secondary Infections: The feeding activity of Pink bollworms creates entry points for other pathogens and pests, making the crop more vulnerable to secondary infections.
  • Economic Impact: Controlling Pink bollworm infestations requires substantial investments in insecticides and pest management measures, imposing financial burdens on farmers.
  • Development of Resistance: Pink bollworms have demonstrated a remarkable ability to develop resistance to various insecticides and genetically modified cotton varieties, which limits effective control options.
  • Increased Production Costs: Farmers may incur additional expenses on insecticides, labor, and management practices to combat Pink bollworms, leading to heightened production costs.
  • Negative Environmental Impact: Prolonged and excessive use of insecticides to control Pink bollworms can have adverse effects on the environment, harming beneficial insects and wildlife.
  • Reduced Farm Profitability: The cumulative impact of yield losses, reduced fiber quality, and increased production costs significantly reduces farm profitability and income for cotton growers.
  • Threat to Global Cotton Industry: Pink bollworm infestations pose a serious threat to the global cotton industry, affecting cotton production, supply chains, and trade dynamics.
  • To tackle the Pink bollworm problem, an effective solution is the use of the Barrix Trapper – a trap and lure set designed to capture Pink bollworms. This environmentally friendly method can help in monitoring and controlling Pink bollworm populations without resorting to excessive use of insecticides. By adopting such alternative measures, cotton farmers can mitigate the negative impacts of Pink bollworm infestations while minimizing environmental harm and safeguarding the long-term sustainability of cotton farming practices.