Barrix Rootcharger

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  • Barrix Rootcharger: Unlock Root Power Naturally
  • Ignite Root Potential
  • Experience Bioactive Growth
  • From Root to Abundance
  • Explore Acetylated Chitosan
  • Elevate Root Resilience
  • Thrive from Below
  • Pure Organic Extracts
  • Root-Centric Excellence
  • Thriving, Resilient Roots
  • Unleash roots’ true potential with Barrix Rootcharger. Nurture nature’s power and cultivate a thriving subterranean network that fuels abundance from the ground up.
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Barrix Rootcharger – Unleash Root Potential Naturally

Discover the power of acetylated chitosan with Barrix Rootcharger, a groundbreaking solution that taps into the benefits of bioactive polysaccharides and acyl amines for unparalleled root development. Derived from a modified form of chitosan, Barrix Rootcharger offers a new dimension in plant growth enhancement, fostering robust root growth to transform your agricultural endeavors.


  • Dynamic Root Empowerment: Barrix Rootcharger, infused with acetylated chitosan, ignites root growth, creating an extensive underground network for nutrient absorption and overall plant vigor.

  • Optimized Protein Synthesis: Experience accelerated protein synthesis, a catalyst for essential cellular functions and structural advancement.

  • Revolutionized Pollen Germination: Elevate pollen germination and tube growth with acetylated chitosan’s unique properties, laying the groundwork for prolific flowering and bountiful yields.

  • Nutrient Regulation Partner: Collaborate with your plants’ roots as Barrix Rootcharger aids in the efficient regulation and utilization of vital nutrients, maximizing nutrient uptake.

  • Fortified Immunity: Strengthen plants’ natural defenses with acetylated chitosan’s immune-boosting qualities, enhancing resistance against stressors and pathogens.

  • Nematode Management: Leverage chitosanase-inducing power to disrupt nematode life cycles, effectively reducing nematode populations.

Elevate your crop’s root potential with Barrix Rootcharger. Embrace the power of acetylated chitosan and cultivate a subterranean network that fuels thriving plants and bountiful harvests.

Development of Roots

Increase resistance power of roots

Protect root injury

Organic Catalyst

Safe guards from curls

Controls from damping

Mechanism of Action:

The enzymes like CERK1 (chitin elicitor receptor kinase) and CEBP (chitin elicitor-binding protein) along with the Bioactive Acyl Amines elicits the following  responses:

  • Improves root growth
  • Improves protein synthesis
  • Improves germination of pollen grains and tubes
  • Supports in regulation of nutrients for growth of roots
  • Improves immunity

ß, 1-4 oligosaccharide induces crops to produce chitinase that can decomposes and absorbs the chito oligosaccharides in nematodes body and egg’s shells and dissolve the shell, resulting in the death of nematodes and eggs.

Bioactive polysaccharide ß-(1-4)-N-acetyl-d-glucosamine, 4ß-d-glucosamine10.0 %
Poly Peptones0.5 %
Adjuvants, Stabilizer & aqua Q.S.to100.0 %

Mix 1 ml of Barrix Rootcharger / litre of water.

  • Spray 1 to 3 times thoroughly on both surfaces of leaves.
  • From Vegetative Stage to Fruiting Stage

Foilar Spray - 250g / Acre

Pass Trough Drip

  • For optimal results, use along with Barrix Wetter.
    Spray within 6 hours after mixing with water.
  • Do not mix with any other agrochemicals.
  • This product contains pure organic extracts from a natural source.
  • The user assumes all risks and liabilities resulting from handling, use, or application.

Use for all Commercial Crops

Use for all Cereal crops

Can be used for all Pulses crops

For all Oil Seeds crops

For all Vegetable crops

For all Fruit crops

All Plantation & Spice Crops

For all Floricultural crops