Barrix Magic Sticker – Chromatic Sheet – Yellow Roll


  • Attracts and traps 22 types of high risk sucking pests like aphids, white flies, leaf miners etc.
  • Recommended for all crop cultivation, protects your crops 24/7.
  • Amazing monitoring tool to identify pest attack in the initial stages and effective in controlling as well.
  • Easy to installation and use.
  • Replace Sheets once filled with pests.
  • Sun & Heat Proof.
  • Rain Water Proof.
  • Scientifically researched colour alluring technology for pest attraction.

Introducing the remarkable Barrix Magic Sticker Yellow Roll, an innovative and cost-effective solution designed to tackle the challenge of high-risk sucking pests. With its distinct color and sticky surface, this product effortlessly attracts and traps approximately 22 types of these destructive pests.

Measuring 6 inches in height and extending an impressive length of 30 feet, the Barrix Magic Sticker Yellow Roll provides extensive coverage for effective pest management. Its vibrant yellow hue acts as a powerful magnet, irresistibly drawing in pests that pose a threat to crops.

This chemical-free and user-friendly method offers farmers a safe and reliable approach to safeguard their valuable crops from the extensive damage caused by a wide range of pests. Aphids, whiteflies, jassids, cow bugs, tur plume moths, pumpkin beetles, and various other damaging insects are among the targets effectively addressed by the Barrix Magic Sticker Yellow Roll.

By opting for this innovative solution, farmers can protect their crops without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides. This not only ensures the safety of consumers but also promotes sustainable agricultural practices and minimizes environmental impact.

The Barrix Magic Sticker Yellow Roll presents an affordable and accessible option for farmers to combat the menace of sucking pests. With its efficient trapping capabilities and ease of use, it offers an efficient means to maintain healthier crops and achieve more bountiful harvests. Embrace this cutting-edge solution and experience the benefits of effective pest control in your agricultural endeavors.

Non Drying
Non Driping
Resistance to high Temperature
Double Sided Gumming
Attracts more flies
1"x1" grid for easy counting
Color Alluring Technology:

After conducting thorough tests and making precise adjustments, the trap’s color frequency was perfected to attract the target pests with an irresistible appeal. By selecting a wavelength between 500nm and 600nm, the trap emits a captivating signal that entices the pests, making it nearly impossible for them to resist.

Covering a significant area of 735 square feet, this trap delivers outstanding results that exceed expectations. In just 15 days of exposure, it manages to capture an astounding number of 7,333 insects. This impressive achievement demonstrates the trap’s exceptional ability to effectively trap and eliminate the pests that pose a threat.

Get ready to witness the culmination of scientific expertise and pest control mastery. With its carefully designed color frequency and wide coverage, this trap becomes an unstoppable force. Prepare yourself for a victorious battle against infestations as this extraordinary trap unleashes its power, leaving no room for pests to escape their inevitable fate. You now have the upper hand in reclaiming control over your space and bidding farewell to unwanted intruders.

For Identification1 Roll / acre
For Monotoring & Control3 Rolls / acre

For all crop cultivation.

  • Remove Barrix Chromatic Trap – Yellow Roll from the polythene cover.
  • Insert a stick through slots provided at regular intervals in the roll and place them near crop foliage.
  • For short stature crops: Place the sticks in the soil such that the trap is positioned just above the canopy of the crop foliage. Adjust the trap height as the plants grow.
  • For tall crops: Fix the trap under the canopy of the tree/plant or 5 feet above the ground level, where the trap is exposed to sufficient light.
  • Row crops: Fix the trap along the crop rows in greenhouses. Ensure traps are also used nears vents and doors to stop the flies flying in from outside.
  • After installation, to remove gum from your hands, apply any cooking oil and wash with soap and water.
Creeper or vines
Short Structure Crops
Row Crop
Tall Crops
Green House
Leaf miners
Leaf hoppers
White flies
Shore flies
Cucumber beetles
Scale insects
Fungus gnats
Cow bugs
Pumpkin beetles
Tur plume moth
Fruit flies
Frog hoppers
Diamondback moth
Onion flies

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Barrix Magic Sticker - Chromatic Sheet - Yellow Roll

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