Barrix Magic Sticker – Chromatic Sheet – Blue sheet


  • Attracts and traps 7 types of high risk sucking pests like Black Tea Thrips, Cabbage Root Fly, Leaf Miners, Western Flower Thrips etc.
  • Recommended for all crop cultivation, protects your crops 24/7.
  • Amazing monitoring tool to identify pest attack in the initial stages and effective in controlling as well.
  • Easy to installation and use.
  • Replace Sheets once filled with pests.
  • Sun & Heat Proof.
  • Rain Water Proof.
  • Scientifically researched colour alluring technology for pest attraction.

Barrix Magic Sticker Blue Sheet: Revolutionizing Pest Control for Every Crop

Unleash the Power of Blue: Attracting and Trapping High-Risk Sucking Pests

  • 7 Pests, One Solution: Effectively targets black thrips, western flower thrips, leaf miners, cabbage root butterflies, and more.
  • Blue: The Captivating Color: Carefully selected blue color acts as a powerful lure, drawing pests away from crops.
  • Maximum Coverage, Maximum Results: Install 5 traps per acre (4356 sqft per trap) for monitoring purposes.
  • Swift Action, Swift Results: Sheets fill up quickly, capturing pests within as little as 5 days during severe infestations.
  • Impressive Trapping Capacity: Approx. 8000 flies can be trapped, demonstrating exceptional performance.

Sustainable and Effective Pest Control: Embrace a New Era

  • For Every Crop: Versatile solution suitable for a wide range of crops, ensuring comprehensive pest control.
  • Eco-Friendly Alternative: Say goodbye to unwanted or excessive chemicals sprays and protect the environment.
  • Preserving Beneficial Insects: Safeguards the balance of the ecosystem and supports a sustainable agricultural environment.
  • Yield Protection: Prevents further damage to crops, reducing yield losses and promoting healthier harvests.
  • Reliable Monitoring and Management: Proactively monitor pest populations for efficient pest control strategies.

Choose the Barrix Magic Sticker Blue Sheet for revolutionary pest control across all your crops. Unlock a new era of sustainable and effective farming practices. Safeguard your crops, increase yields, and protect the environment with our powerful blue trapping solution.

Non Drying
Non Driping
Resistance to high Temperature
Double Sided Gumming
Attracts more flies
1"x1" grid for easy counting
Color Alluring Technology:

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technology: Unlocking Nature’s Preferences

  • Optimal Color Frequencies: Utilizes innovative color alluring technologies within the blue spectrum (450nm to 495nm).
  • Imitating Vital Cues: Strategically mimics food sources, mating signals, and favorable habitats for pests.
  • Seven Pest Varieties: Targets and traps Black Thrips, Western Flower Thrips, Leaf Miners, Cabbage Root Fly, Onion Thrips, Japanese Flower Thrips, and Citrus Thrips.
  • Effective Pest Management: Leverages natural instincts for efficient and targeted pest control.
For Identification1 Sheet / acre
For Monotoring & Control5 Sheets / acre

For all crop cultivation.

STEP 1: Remove the traps from the polythene bag and carefully peel apart each other to expose the sticky area.
STEP 2: Use wooden stick or thread or twist-ties to install sticky trap.
STEP 3: Place the traps just above the plant foliage. Adjust the height as the plants grow.
STEP 4: In greenhouses, additionally use near vents and doors for better monitoring.
  • In taller crops – hung the sticky traps under the canopy of plant and or 5 ft above the ground level, where the sheet is exposed to light sufficiently.
  • Upon contact sticky material can be removed by cooking oil or any mineral oil.
  • For plants grown on benches, the sheets may be laid horizontally on the bench.
  • Carry out regular checking as and when required for identification of pest variety, counting if necessary, for its abundance and its developmental stages to take corrective pest management actions.
  1. Keep away from children and domestic animals
  2. Avoid direct contact with skin
  3. Protective gloves recommended while handling
  4. Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use in accordance with the directions
  5. If you can spot isolated hot spots early you may need to spray to that small area only.
Black tea thrips
Western flower thrips
Leaf miners
Cabbage root fly
Onion Thrips
Citrus thrips
Japanese flower thrips

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Barrix Magic Sticker - Chromatic Sheet - Blue sheet

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