Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Lure


  • Attracts and traps Bactrocera cucurbitae & its other 226 Subspecies.
  • Protects your vegetable crops for 90 days, 24/7 guarded.
  • Reduces at least 4 number of unwanted Pesticide Sprays to control melon fly infestation.
  • Recommended to use along with Barrix Catch Trap.
  • Easy to installation and use.

The Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Lure!

Our Lure contains a powerful pheromone called Pherocon QFF, also known as cue lure. This pheromone is a specific isomer, synthesized using our exclusive in-house method, designed to attract a notorious pest called Bactrocera cucurbitae and its 290 subspecies.

What makes our Lure truly remarkable is its highly specific nature. It harnesses the incredible power of attraction, drawing in only male cucurbitae flies. By using it with the our patented scientifically trap captures the male flies, Thereby effectively preventing the females from laying their eggs on the precious Vegetable crops and citrous crops. This means reduced damage during cultivation, ensuring a healthier and more fruitful harvest.

With pre-harvest losses caused by these pests reaching a staggering 57%, imagine the significant increase in yield you can achieve by using our product. By implementing the Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Trap and Lure, you have the opportunity to maximize your harvest and minimize losses. Experience the satisfaction of reaping the full potential of your crops, unencumbered by the devastating effects of these pests.

Don’t let these destructive flies rob you of your hard-earned harvest. Invest in the Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Trap and Lure today and witness the impressive results for yourself. Say goodbye to pest-related worries and hello to thriving, pest-free crops, while significantly boosting your yield!

  • Enhanced Purity:
    Our lure boasts a 99% pure concentration of the pheromone Pherocon QFF., using only the required isomer for maximum effectiveness.
  • Superior surface:
    The uniquely crafted fibrous lure, sized at 3cm x 5cm x 1.2cm, provides a remarkable 500% more surface area for evaporation compared to standard offerings.
  • Potency Unleashed:
    Experience the power of our lure, designed to be five times more potent than typical market alternatives.
  • Extended Activity:
    Guaranteed to deliver consistent field activity, our lures remain active 24 hours a day for up to 90 days.
  • Quality Packaging:
    Each lure is securely packed in a sturdy aluminum pouch lined with LDPE to ensure potency is maintained up until the expiry date.
  • Long Shelf-Life:
    With a stable shelf-life of 18 months, our lures stand the test of time, ready for use when you need them.
Technologies used:
  • Introducing Barrix Agro Sciences’ Cutting-Edge Technologies:

    1. MAT – Technology
    MAT (Male Annihilation Technique) employs Pherocon QFF., a sex pheromone, to lure, trap, and annihilate male flies, offering an efficient pest control solution.

    2. Pheromone Impregnation Technology
    Our capillary impregnation method loads a base material with Pherocon QFF molecules. This results in a dual-action release: an initial surface ‘flash’ followed by a steady, long-term emission from deeper layers, enhancing the lure’s duration and effectiveness.

For Identification 1 Trap / acre
For Monotoring & Control Just 2 Traps / acre

For effective catches use along with Barrix Catch Trap only.


Bitter gourd




Ridge gourd


Pigeon Pea


Ash gourd


Snake gourd


Bottle gourd

Okra Cultivation



Butternut squash


Ivy gourd


Sponge gourd


Buffalo gourd




Kabocha squash










Egg plant

Install the trap components as per video or pictorial representation.
Place the hanger through the hole, present in the trap cap.
Lock the hanger by twist and press.
Take the lure from the pack, place it in the “C” curve, fix by rotating.
Twist the hanger sideways and fix to the branches of tree or any appropriate place.
  • Hang the trap above 3-5 ft height from the ground level preferably under the shade
    and firmly fix the Trap.
  • In case of prolonged harvest, replace the old lure after 90 days with a “NEW LURE”.
  • When the trap is full of flies, remove the flies, bury 1ft below the ground or burn.
  1. Egg-Laying Marks: Female flies pierce the skin of the fruit to lay their eggs. These marks may be visible as punctures or depressions on the fruit surface.

  2. Premature Fruit Drop: Infested fruits often drop prematurely from the plant. This is a common symptom of Bactrocera dorsalis infestation and can result in significant crop losses.

  3. Discoloration of Fruit: The feeding activity of the larvae inside the fruit often leads to discoloration. This is usually a sign of internal damage and decay.

  4. Maggot Presence: One of the most noticeable signs is the presence of the larvae, or maggots, themselves. When cut open, infested fruits will typically reveal these larvae feeding on the flesh of the fruit.

  5. Decay and Rotting of Fruit: As the larvae continue to feed on the fruit, they create conditions favorable to decay, leading to a rotten fruit.

  6. Oozing Fluids: In some cases, you may notice fluids or sap oozing from the fruit, which can be a sign of internal feeding damage.

  7. Hollowed Fruit: The inside of the fruit may become hollow as the larvae consume the flesh, leaving an empty shell behind.

  8. Secondary Infections: The wounds made by the females when laying eggs or by the larvae while feeding can provide entry points for other pathogens, leading to secondary infections. These can present as additional discoloration, rot, or the presence of molds or other pests.

  9. Fruit Deformity: Depending on the stage of fruit development when infestation occurs, the feeding of Bactrocera dorsalis larvae may cause deformities in the shape and size of the fruit.

  10. Reduced Crop Yield: A notable symptom of Bactrocera dorsalis infestation is an overall reduction in crop yield, as many of the fruits may become infested and therefore unmarketable.

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