Barrix Agro Sciences Was Awarded TIME India Startup Innovator – 2017


Mr Gangadhar swamy from Tumkur District, Kunigal Taluk, Gidadapalya Village says, if we implement “Minimum water, Nutrition and adopting organic methods for Pest management”, we can grow high quality Mango. By implementing all the three above method I am growing Mango organically. 

He is farming in 15 acres land and growing Raspuri, Badami, Mallika and Dussaheri varieties of mangoes. He has given 20 feet space between plant to plant and hence space is well utilized and results in better yield.

It is very difficult to maintain with pesticides. Even after spraying pesticides sometimes it will not be effective. If we spray pesticides, fruits inside will get rotten. But outside we will not come to know. Like this 1000s of fruits got spoiled. Hence I adopted organic farming I used 8-10 pheromone traps which trapped the insects and all invisible insects that damages the crops get stuck in sticky sheets. By adopting these two methods we can save time, money and energy.

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