Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development Centre

Barrix is an R&D driven company, develops isomeric pure pheromones which are species specific in action.
Barrix Innovation Centre is approved by DSIR, Government of India, is focused towards developing Pheromone Based products. Our projects are funded and supported by DBT, BIRAC, and few of the foundations.
Barrix emphasis on research as it is the need of the hour and is concentrating on synthesizing New Pheromones and New Pheromone dispersion Application products which are Eco-friendly, pest control products for cultivation which supports and encourages organic farming.
The unique features of these pheromone technology is to attract only that particular pest, hence beneficial files like honeybees, butterflies are safe.

Innovative Strategy

  • To develop pheromones and pheromone products against Agricultural pest of high risk.
  • To develop pheromone products for those pests which don't have any methods to control.
  • To develop pheromones for those pests which had developed resistance to chemicals.
  • To develop commercially viable pheromone Synthetics process.
  • To develop new dispersion technologies.
  • To strengthen intellectual properties includes the patenting of new products, dispersion delivery systems and analytical devices.
  • To develop Dossiers, Monographs for obtaining regulatory approvals through out the world.

The Impact

The impacts of the innovations made by Barrix Innovation Centre will be both visible and tangible.
The farmers had seen and will see the performance of the product through their eyes with in coffee sip time (15 min) to a day.

Barrix Innovative products helps:
  • Prevents Pre-harvest Yield Loss.
  • Increases the Productivity anywhere between 20% to 80%.
  • Increases Quality & Quantity.
  • Reduces Chemical residues in the yield thus qualifying for exports.
  • Saves Farmers time, so that they can go for extra land cultivation.

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