Great Achievement by siddanna Apparayappa gadkari - created hybrid variety from forest brinjal.

Kumar, a farmer himself writes about the effectiveness of Sticky sheets and Pheromone traps in Organic farming. He elaborates about how these products are effective precautionary measures against pests which attack vegetables like Brinjal, Tomato, Bitter Gourd, Lady Finger, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Beans and many other crops. More specifically, He mentions the menace caused by the Bactrocera Dorsalis and Bactrocera Cucurbitea species. 
Product description and user advice is mentioned in article. Kumar stresses on the importance of using these products from flowering time till harvesting and recommends 6 - 8 sticky sheets to be used per acre. 

Kumar advices all farmers to take up these practice as it is economical, reduces costs, prevents pre-harvest loss and increases yield.