Fruit Fly infestations in Lychee

  • Fruit Fly Damage on Lychee

  • Fruit Fly Larva on Lychee

  • Fruit Fly Damage on Lychee 

  • Fruit Fly Larva in Lychee 

Barrix Recommends to use   

Barrix Catch FruitFly Trap

When to Use : To be used at the stage of Flowering till harvesting.

How many to use : 6 Traps / acre or 15 traps / hectare.

Trap re-usability : can be used upto 3 seasons.

Maintenance : Zero maintenance.

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Product in the Lychee fields

  • Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Trap

  • Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Trap Lure

Bacterial & Fungi infection - in Lychee Crop

  • Phytophthora Fruit Blight on Lychee

  • Rust in Lychee Leaves

  • Shoot Blight on Lychee 

  • Rust in Lychee Leaves 

  • Shoot Blight on Lychee

Barrix Recomends to use  

Barrix Control 

When to use :Use from Germination till harvesting.

Recommended Dose : 20 Grams in 60 litres or 100 grams in 300 litres of water for 2 to 3 times.

Usage Interval : Spray once in every 15 days,Repeat 2-3 times

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Barrix Products in fields

  • Barrix Control

  • Barrix Control