Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Lure

Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Lure

About Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Lure

Through our advanced isomer specific pheromone synthesis platform, we produce high quality isomer 4-Allyl Veratrol pheromone, is a sex pheromone to attract Bactrocera dorsalis and 83 sub species.

we have developed our own method of impregnation of pheromone through capillary impregnation technology by elusive way, which provides increased porosity of lure and more qty of pheromone is entrapped for prolonged, slow and sustained release of pheromone for better performance in the field. 

Through this process, an initial flash evaporation will occur where a higher dose of pheromone will be released after which there is a constant release of pheromones thereby providing efficacy for 90 days. 

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MAT - Technology

Male Annihilation Technique involves theprocess of attraction, trapping and killing of male flies using species specific sex pheromones. 

Wood Impregnation Technology

Impregnation is a novel technique to preserve the characters of one compound using another base. We follow capillary impregnation technique, wherein the wood is activated and is ready to adsorb and entrap more pheromone molecules in its interstitial spaces of fibres. This enables the 2-step release: superficial adsorbed pheromone for flash release followed by slow and sustained release of the deeply trapped pheromone.

Special Features of our Lure

  • Pheromone Allyl veratrol is 99% pure
  • Contains required isomer only. 
  • Fibrous Lure Size (3cm x 5cm x 1.2cm)
  • 500% extra surface area for evaporation when compared to what's generally available in the market
  • 5 times more potent
  • Lures have field activity for 24 hrs x 90 days.
  • Packed in thick aluminum lined with LDPE pouch to retain its potency till the expiry date
  • 18 months stable product